[Blog] Splodey has graduated (long OVERDUE post)!

THIS IS A LONG OVERDUE POST oh god I haven’t updated my blog in 82348623918674234 years.

I’ve graduated from my university with a BA in Japanese, honors!

AND GUESS WHAT I got the best surprise of my life 2 months ago (was that when the results were released???? I think so?!) because apparently my thesis on BL got a good grade that pushed my final results to a Class I… So… yeah this is insane. xD

If you want to read it (or anyone wants to read the BL thesis), you gotta gimme a way to contact you so I can pass you a link to read it~

But I did it! /o/

Now I am an official hikikomori. xD

[Blog] After exams, celebration began! Including my birthday~

So my last update was a reflection of my getting closer to finishing my degree, and now I am proud to say I have 100% finished my degree! I’m just awaiting my graduation~

While I wait, I’m just gaming with friends and also slowly getting myself back to translations. Just bit by bit. :D But hey, stop with that first, let’s get to photos!

Right after we finished our final exam (at least for me that was the final), our entire course went to have a meal together with our teachers! It was delish, tbh! Posh-ish restaurant, with proper food so~

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