[Updates] Translation projects + JAPAN AWESOMENESS TODAY

2 pieces of news today… (Somewhat.)

1. Given the okay to work on more Minazuki Akira’s works~ <3 

I think she really deserves way more recognition than she currently has so I’ll be working on Tsumamigui no Iiwake’s SEQUEL, which our lovely cheezy has already sent me, titled Kodomo Damashi To Kijou no Koi. There’s 2 parts to it, but in general they amount to about 40 pages or so. ;)

On top of that, I’ve decided to take on Noboseru Karada (a whole volume) as well because the cover looks insanely tempting. So I’ll have 2 of them added to my List of Works soon enough!


Not to mention it’s the Coming-Of-Age day in Japan~ Which means it’s a public holiday. ;D

This is the view from my window where I stay at…

Seriously I don’t stay in a forest, really I don’t but just saying it’s because of my campus. LOL ICU seriously is a little crazy with the trees and nature it feels like I’m living in a forest.

But dear god one of the thick branches outside on one of these trees just broke and fell because it couldn’t withstand the weight of the snow on it. It was pretty freaky because it was a thick thick branch and if it fell on anyone it could be dangerous.

Otherwise, my plan: to build a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon with my friend! 8D

Let’s enjoy today’s snow! (Actually no I have to study for mid-terms so… ugh. /cries)


17 thoughts on “[Updates] Translation projects + JAPAN AWESOMENESS TODAY

    • SF…will never have snow, no. Well it’s now more like raining rather than having buttloads of snow. :( I’d rather it snow than rain omg.

      Haha also paiseh just now I wasn’t contactable but glad you got that issue outta the way~

    • 8DDD YES! I’ll try to do it in awhile. It’s actually turned into rain now so omg /cries

      OMG YES. I can’t think of her having so little fans. She just needs a bit more appreciation, and I think I’ll try to help her spread her awesomeness to more people so they can purchase her things. Maybe even get 1 or 2 things licensed so people can buy the English copies! <3

  1. Snow~~~! watch out for snowballs and snowman? (errr..just my imagination running wild.)
    Thanks, my favorite mangakas ever.

  2. What a wonderful news!!!!..about Minazuki Akira tranlsation approval!! I’m so happy, i’m so grateful to you!! :3 Noboseru Karada is really catchy!
    p.s. It really seems that you live in a forest, wow!

  3. Holy, the scenery looks wonderful! I mean, gosh. wow. Snow ;w; And you’d better build that Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon and show it to us! LOL! xDD
    Good luck for your mid-terms! :D

    • With the snow now kind of dirty and everyone stepping over it, it’s kinda…yeah ew. But also because it’s all sun now with like no more snow and everything melting everything is gross. :x

      Hope it snows again soon!!! /cries

  4. I saw a tweet and I rushed over and :O Noboseru Karada! I’m actually planning to buy the japanese version(even though I don’t know japanese) and I’ve already bought Kono Yoru no Subete. I luv her desperately and I really can’t help but squeal at the thought that I’ll see more of her. So, thank you! xD

    I actually prefer snow and cold, but when I have to study it’s sorta difficult, since it’s not always warm enough and my hands freeze immediately:( So Good Luck with your mid-terms!

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