More random good news!

So I have more news today~

Oh before that, the interview I did the other day for the Japanese class. (You might’ve heard me on twitter spewing all about this already then skip it. xD) The 1st lady was nice but the 2nd lady was rather condescending. The 1st lady was very willing to share her experiences and overall tone was just so…nice. But the 2nd one was totally underestimating us and treating us like we’re only mere kids, like we didn’t know anything. So ugh, that was a little bad. But otherwise, she was a rather humorous lady, and I quite liked both interviews in their own ways! I still managed to finish the essay – churned out 3000+ characters in like 7 hours. Not bad already! (Considering it was an interview which went rather fast and required us to take notes, and was each 1 hour long, spending 7 hours on it was mad. XD)

That aside, I GOT THE ACCOMMODATION I WANTED FUCK YEAH. So now that I go back to the UK, I get to stay like, 7 mins away from grocery shopping, and about 10 mins away from my uni where most of my lectures will be happening. ISN’T THAT RAD. And if you’re curious, here’s some photos my uni has uploaded for us to preview…

And that’s because each room has a bathroom, so I don’t have to share omg omg omg /cries I love having a bathroom to myself. Plus this is newly built so the bathrooms are going to be rather well-maintained too.

Yeah looks like lounge area but in actual fact it’s…

Yeah, part of the kitchen. I like how huge the kitchen is and there’s just that fucking tiny little heater right there and I’m just like “WOW LEEDS YOU TOTALLY AREN’T COLD AT ALL HUH” pssh. And here in Tokyo the heaters work like a sauna.

YEP. Isn’t it nice~ I’ve gotten the contract, and uh it’s gonna be real expensive but shit this is a new building and it looks like a nice place to be at since I love cooking on my own and all, so this is going to be awesome! So glad I got it fast. I’m thinking in my final year there I’ll be requesting to stay at the exact same place all over again. That will be easy and I seriously, it’s so convenient I won’t have to take a bus for over a year. Because you know, lots of bus drivers in the UK are rather rude. ._. Well it depends on certain places too but my place and a few other places are well-known for their horrible attitudes. I’ve met like over 70% of bad attitude drivers. But the nice ones are REALLY nice. xD;; So…

And yeah that’s about it. Wanted to share this random info for fun~ :3

FINALLY I don’t want to reveal too much but EXPECT ANOTHER NEW PROJECT I WANT TO WORK ON TO BE INCLUDED. This time it’s a different fandom, and a doujinshi on top of it too! Stay tuned for some…previews, maybe. ;D


19 thoughts on “More random good news!

  1. Its BLUE!! Honestly (1000% truth) everything looks VERY nice and especially the choice of color there: BLUE! (I am one of blue fans =p). Hmm…I dunno if it’s just me but the shower looks real..uhh…long? As if you can actually lay down and sleep in the shower or something lol XD

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