[Voiceacting] Because Splodey got bored

So you all know I’m translating Akashi-sama no Iu Toori, a AkashiKuroko doujin. And well some KisekiKuroko but yeah there you go.

I got to page 12. And since you’re here, you have the honor of seeing the full page 12 I upload~

Akashi-sama no Iu Toori (pg 12)

And so, I decided to take the bloody challenge of an Akashi voice. Which uh, whether it turned out well or not, you judge. xD

Good news is that this HAS BEEN FULLY TRANSLATED! So we’re starting work on the proofreading (and a little bit of checking of accuracy first)! So please stay tuned for this doujinshi. ;)


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