[Blog] What Splodey’s been up to recently

Actually, no nothing lately.

It’s sad but I’ve kind of lost my drive for scanlations, but I guess I’ll at least find the time to continue translating and releasing all the current projects we’ve picked up for some time. So yeah, that isn’t dead yet, so please don’t worry about it.

What I have been doing lately is really recording. I found more joy and fun recording randomly especially scenarios now according to what people on my twitter have requested. xD So I’ve been playing around but at the same time practicing my script writing skills + Japanese speaking skills. I haven’t posted any here on this blog but now’s the time to do it I guess!

They’re all 100% Japanese and script constructed by myself so if you don’t understand it please click the link itself to the page and check the description for the translation~

Title: 99% embarrassed guy, 0.5% tsundere, 0.5% hentai

Personally one of my fav ones in terms of bgm/sound effects, and the length of the recording. Also the newest one I just made. I wanted to make this one with the focus on adding in some realistic sounds to enhance the listening experience. :D Also managed to make the recording sound better because Kendra told me to lower the volume of the mic to decrease sensitivity, which worked wonders, but also means I have to move closer to the mic. But I don’t have a pop filter, and this mic does not have that kind of shock absorption (I forget what they call it) thing in it as it isn’t a very terribly professional mic. Nevertheless, I’m quite happy with the result now!

Title: He’s not that much of an ‘ore-sama’ type of person, but still kind of high-and-mighty

Cess requested this, so I had to do a ‘high-and-mighty’ sort of voice. xD

Title: I tried a “yasashii onii-chan” but I think in the end it didn’t seem like it

Title: These people aren’t the ones you’re thinking of, so don’t worry~ (R-18 BL WARNING)

The above was made because people kept requesting a selfcest, i.e. me x myself. So why not. :\

Title: This dude is S, but he seriously still loves you

These are the more recent ones! xD Feel free to go and just look through for more~


10 thoughts on “[Blog] What Splodey’s been up to recently

      • I’m hanging in there. I miss all my LJ friends. so many have left… it’s like LJ died, and I’m so sad. I will never delete my blog there…but it’s like tumblr and wordpress, and blogger killed it. :/ How have you been? how’s university been?

        • Yeah LJ is boring as shit so… Well at least for communities you can sit in to just grab things but it’s boring.

          Final uni year is starting so yeah looking forward to finishing this and not just keep dragging it on. XD;; Nothing’s been really happening tho.

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